A Proven Formula for Success

On March 9, 1989, four partners founded Circuit Logic to provide superior-quality printed circuit boards to the fledgling electronics industry. These four men formulated a simple mission statement based on their customers’ three essential requirements: boards to their exact specifications, delivered on time, at a price within their budgets.

They knew that the extreme pace of technological development would require Circuit Logic keep pace by employing the latest software and equipment, and that management must continually expand their collective knowledge of industry needs.

Throughout the years, Circuit Logic has consistently met the needs of government agencies, blue-chip multinationals and visionary startups. Our longevity is evidence of our success in fulfilling our mission. A constant focus on our three core objectives of accuracy, timeliness and affordability has been the key to our success, and an enabler in the success of our clients.

Three Core Objectives

A prime reason that Circuit Logic can guarantee complete customer satisfaction is that we meticulously review the Gerber files, making certain that the information is correct before releasing the project into production. From photo plotting and plating to V-scoring and hardware fitting, every step of the production process is carefully monitored and under the immediate control of our own highly skilled and experienced team.

To ensure that every team member performs with maximum effectiveness, we’ve developed and implemented strict work procedures and process controls throughout our facility, meeting or exceeding ISO 9001 requirements (ISO Registration File No. A9523).

What’s more, we employ a flat management structure that encourages hands-on participation from top to bottom, facilitating communication and optimizing visibility into every stage of the production process.

This concept of total team involvement and shared responsibility greatly strengthens process control and significantly enhances our ability to ensure that we fully meet every commitment to every customer.

Meeting our customers’ demanding schedules requires rapid response and quick turnaround. To optimize our response rate, we carefully manage and allocate resources and employ only the latest proven technologies and equipment in all facets of our operations. We have a fully dedicated FTP server that allows extremely rapid transfer of even the largest CAD files, without delay-causing file corruption or transfer errors.

To detect possible design flaws that could cause production postponements or interruptions, we assign our most knowledgeable staff to prototype evaluation, ensuring quick and expert design-for-manufacturability feedback and design optimization.

In the manufacturing process we employ every available technique to expedite production, such as using special cool-down presses to keep our regular presses active, employing a semiautomatic hot-air level station for optimum efficiency and using five-head drilling machines with 120-count tool trays for maximum drilling output.

We offer a wide range of production capabilities to meet the needs of our broad customer base. More importantly, we are committed to executing every task with maximum efficiency. To ensure material stability throughout the manufacturing process, we pre-bake all raw materials and keep our lamination room precisely temperature with controlled humidity. We consolidate all program engineering in a single department at the start of the process to avoid costly manufacturing inconsistencies. We perform routine maintenance on plating chemistry to ensure sufficient metal malleability and prevent cracking. We use only standard panel sizes to minimize equipment adjustments and increase production flow.

The effect of our efforts to maximize production efficiency is a finished-goods yield ratio of greater than 99 percent. With virtually no waste, our production costs are extraordinarily low, which enables us to pass on the cost savings to you.

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Circuit Logic’s dedicated team works closely with customers through every step of the design and manufacturing process, bringing over 100 years of combined experience to the table to create the most timely, efficient and cost-effective PCB solutions.

Ignacio Hernandez
Ignacio Hernandez

President & Founder

President & Founder

As the President of Circuit Logic, Ignacio founded Circuit Logic with three other partners in March, 1989. Ignacio has been involved in the PCB industry since 1969, after completing military service in Vietnam. Ignacio brings over 45 years of experience creating and managing California circuit board shops to Circuit Logic, and has a firm grasp on the industry’s past, present and promising future.

Paul Takhar

Vice President

Amritpal “Paul” Takhar is another founding member and Vice President of Circuit Logic Inc. He helps push production along the shop by coordinating with various departments. His 30+ years in the industry has led him to vast knowledge of operating and managing all of the shops machinery to insure all job meet desired specifications.

Jack Takhar

Production Manager

Jack Takhar is one of the founding members of Circuit Logic and oversees all plant production. His 30+ years of experience in PCB manufacturing have given him the technical and hands-on experience needed to complete all builds according to customer needs. Jack correlates with Ignacio on the factory’s ability to meet desired turnaround time.

Harpreet Takhar
Harpreet Takhar

Engineer, Production & Sales

Harpreet is Head of Engineering, along with working in production and sales. With a B.S. in Engineering, Harpreet is a next-generation Circuit Logic team member. He is fully trained in CAM engineering and has worked for the past five years in most departments and production positions, overseeing gerber artwork production applications.

Danny Malhotra

Sales Engineer

Fully trained in Electronic Engineering and Communication, Danny started working in PCB & EMS companies and brings 28 years of experience in sales and marketing. He has great communication skills and is responsible for customer acquisition and customer support, as well as organizing trade shows and other marketing events.

Sales Engineer

Gary plays a pivotal role at Circuit Logic as a Sales Engineer. He is dynamic and highly skilled with well-developed communication and interpersonal skills. Having been working at Circuit Logic from the past seven years in production and in sales, he combines his technical knowledge & sales skills to provide unmatched customer satisfaction.

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